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Reading Log 9

Duelling is something that is hard to believe is actually real. We often see it take place in black and white, old west films starring John Wayne, which our grandpa’s would watch. It seems like the act of walking away… Continue Reading →

Reading Log 8-Short and Sweet

Upon reading the two texts, charivary is explained to be the rebellion against the ill-advised marriage of two people who do not belong together. The rebellious group is derived from France but eventually made its way to New France and… Continue Reading →

Reading Log 7

“Into that country to work” offered great insight to the readers to understand that despite the work of latter historians, Aboriginals were very much so apart of the economic hub of the central interior of British Columbia during the gold… Continue Reading →

Reading Log 6

“Acts of Resistance” by Afua Cooper was very interesting to read as it recounted important events that helped to lead to the abolishment of slavery in Upper Canada. Most of Canadian history is focused on the horrendous acts involving Indigenous… Continue Reading →

Reading Log 4–And the beginnings of my research project

“A fille du Roi’s Passage” by Adrienne Leduc is based on the journey of a woman named Jeanne. It would have been a hard journey based on knowing nothing about New France, that you would have to marry a colonist,… Continue Reading →

Reading Log 3

“The Collapse of the Beothuk World” by Pastore, examines the significance of the Newfoundland aboriginal peoples who became extinct in 1829. Pastore reflects upon archaeological, historical, and linguistic information to help produce clarity of how this group of natives, known… Continue Reading →

Reading Log 2 (because number one sucked)

“We are well as we are” helps to shed light on the relationships between Christian missionaries and the Indians of the seventeenth-century in North America. Ronda compares and contrasts the religions, the religious leaders and how each group has viewed… Continue Reading →

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